Welcome to my new blog!

Angel G. Olloqui 13 May, 2012

I have created this blog to post technical articles and close my previous one at angelolloqui.blogspot.com. Keep tuned because I will add new features and some interesting articles that I am still finishing writing about iOS and other technical stuff!

Next features will include things like:

  2. Facebook/Twitter share
  3. Deep multilingual integration (for now, use the Google Translator widget on the top right corner)
  4. Better source-code formatting

Any other suggestions are welcome!

I also want to comment that most of my posts wil be written in Spanish due to two facts:

  1. Spanish is my native language, which makes it easier. This way I can focus on writing a good explanation rather than a good English :).
  2. English is everywere! there are thousands of resources in English to check out, but there are not so many in Spanish, specially regarding technical topics such the ones I will write about here. By writing in Spanish I believe my contribution will be higher.

Nevertheless, I would also like to make the shift to English step by step, so there will be some posts in English among the Spanish ones.

Lastly, if you have a topic that you would like to discuss just contact me and I will take a look at it. If I consider it to be interesting and I feel that I have enough knowledge I will probably write about it.


See you soon!

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